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KONG AUDIO Holiday NO BRAINER!      FOR ONLY              USD!!! Get 9.9        Regular price 40 USD!   QIN RV engine Supports Windows VST 32/64-bit ERHU I
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ErHu I+II $39.8! Instant China $159! Essential China $259!
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Special note: Erhu I and Erhu II Comparison. ChineeErhu and ChineeErhu II have very different sound characters. ChineeErhu comes off with a much stronger and thicker sound, whilst ChineeErhu II sounds smoother and more clearer, yet much more mellower. Each can have a place for different contexts, and complements each other. Chinee Erhu II is indeed improved greatly in the base design and the playability category though. Having said that, some seasoned composers prefer the sound of ChineeErhu for its instantly recognizable roughness which is the trademark of Erhu.
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   System requirements: Powered by brand-new QIN RV engine. Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7/8. 2GB RAM. 32/64 bit VST host sequencers compatible. Compatible with FXpansion RTAS Adapter
   2012 End of the Year Holiday Time-limited Deals! Get something different and inspiring for your music, for the new year. A great way to explore and experience a new world of sound. ChineeErHu I No-Brainer deal!. For just $9.9 and you can have one of thee most characteristic sound of Chinese bowed instrument in your arsenal! ChineeErHu I + ChineeErHu II for just $39.8 (50% off the original pricetag) you get ErHu I and the the new ErHu II as well! Instant China Pack (includesw Winds, Kong, ErHu I+II) for $159! (20% off)  IC overs the fundamental Chinese sound that will get you started in no time! Essential China Pack for just $259! (ErHu I is 9.9, the rest are 20% off) EC includes Winds, Kong, ErHu I+II, GuZheng II, PiPa, Sheng. A selection of essential Chinese instruments is here to be at your service!
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ErHu I Demo
ErHu II Demo
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