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Thank you for purchasing our products. Be sure to read the FAQ.

Our products purchases are performed through the secure online transaction services of PayPal and Shareit. If you live in a place where the VAT applies, shareit will charge you VAT automatically.

b1 All orders are processed within 72 hours upon purchase (contact us - via email or make a post in our forum - if you do not hear back from us within 72 hours) . Please note that all our individual instruments products are shipped as download-only format (except the box version of Chinee Orchestra Full Edition). Also note that the download packages are quite large, so please make sure your internet connection is capable of handling it.

b1 Copy protection: All our VSTi products employ C/R protection scheme.

Windows OS; 32/64 bit VST host sequencers.

No Mac versions available , sorry.

b1 For educational license discount or volume licensing, please contact us directly.

b1 LICENSE TRANSFER POLICY: Kong Audio agree to the transfer of licenses between users upon which a 10% of LICENSE TRANSFER FEE of the original price tag is charged. Contact us if you want to make a proper license transfer, so the new user can receive the rights to future support, free updates, and upgrade offers. We will guide you through the transfer processes.

IndividualsShareit Product ID
 Product/Price: Chinee Kong V2+ VSTi  88 USD#300259530
 Product/Price: Chinee Winds VSTi  68 USD#300259531
 Product/Price: Chinee ErHu_I VSTi  40 USD#300259532
 Product/Price: Chinee ErHu_II VSTi  40 USD#300496562
 Product/Price: Chinee GuZheng II VSTi  40 USD#300449678
 Product/Price: Chinee NanXiao  VSTi  40 USD#300259534
 Product/Price: Chinee PiPa  VSTi  40 USD#300259535
 Product/Price: MaTouQin  VSTi  40 USD#300259536
 Product/Price: Chinee SuoNa  VSTi  40 USD#300259537
 Product/Price: Chinee GuanZi  VSTi  40 USD#300309411
 Product/Price: Chinee Sheng  VSTi  40 USD#300318665
 Product/Price: Chinee YangQin  VSTi  30 USD#300322935
 Product/Price: Chinee HuLuSi  VSTi  40 USD#300333541
 Product/Price: Chinee GuQin VSTi  40 USD#300362699
 Product/Price: Chinee LiuQin VSTi  30 USD#300421459
 Product/Price: Chinee SanXian VSTi  30 USD#300448674
 Product/Price: Chinee BanHu VSTi  40 USD#300496555
 Product/Price: Chinee JingHu VSTi  30 USD#300496556
 Product/Price: Chinee GaoHu VSTi  30 USD#300496557
 Product/Price: Chinee ZhongHu VSTi  30 USD#300496565
 Product/Price: Chinee Ruan VSTi  40 USD#300496558
 Product/Price: Chinee BaWu VSTi  30 USD#300496559
 Product/Price: Chinee Xun VSTi  40 USD#300496560
Packed Offer (20% off!)Shareit Product ID
Essential China (ChineeKong,Winds, ErHu,GuZheng,PiPa,Sheng)  356  285 USD#300318666
Packed Offer (25% off!)Shareit Product ID

Chinee Orchestra  (all 23 products) 926  699 USD  (Boxed Version)

Box delivery fee is included. Special location may require extra postal cost. You must agree to clear the custom duty on your own if it happens.

Packed Offer (28% off!)Shareit Product ID

Chinee Orchestra  (all 23 products) 926  669 USD


Chinee Orchestra 12 month instalment plan (all 23 products ) 926  669 USD
Chinee Orchestra SEShareit Product ID
Chinee Orchestra SE 119 USD#300623109
Chinee Orchestra SE Upgrade to Full Edition (Download Version)Shareit Product ID
Chinee Orchestra SE Upgrade to Full Edition 550 USD#300623112

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