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1 The Front, by Liao Hong Feng http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2 /chuhehanjie.mp3 Depicting a battle in the Gobi desert, mixing fighting and thrilling/suspense scenes into one cue. 2 King of Shu, by Quincy http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2 /shuqing.mp3 3 Fight Theme, by Cai Tien Nan http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2 /fighttheme.mp3 A fight scene made for a game. Consists of two sections to keep the music interesting for the gamers. 4 King of Qin on the Parade Yard, by Jin Ri http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2 /qinwangyanwu.mp3 5 Deploying and fight, by Cheng Ming http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2 /bujuzhan.mp3 6. A sword for the world by Liu Hui http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2 /yijiantianya.mp3 7. Happy Meetup, by Gan MengDi http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2 /xiangjianhuan.mp3 Based on a poem. A dim hope is there after being let down again and again. 8.Splendor by Li MaoYang http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2 /huaxuanlan.mp3 This number is made for BMS games. I want to present Chinese elements and with a sense
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of clarity. 9. Home of the Tea, by Fu Qun Ballad theme. http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2/ chaxiang.mp3 10 The Expedition of Ms. Hibiscus, by Li Zhen http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2/f urongchuzheng.mp3 The 1st part is ballad, the 2nd and 3rd are fighting scenes. The strong rhythms in the middle is for expressing the chase between the armies. Ended with an epic climax. 11. Enlist, by Zheng LianHua http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2/ congjunxing.mp3 12. Sunrise, by Ban Lei http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2/r ichu.mp3 Ballad theme, a praise to the nature. 13. Sipa, by HeXian http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2/ sipa.mp3 14. Wind song of the rivers, by  Li Ji http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2/j ianghuaifengge.mp3 A number for the local cosplay event of a game developer at Yellow Stone, HuBei. Depicting the famous poet SuShi’s trip by the river.   15. Yearning for the wind and moon, by Li Peng http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2/f engyuedesinian.mp3
16. Fight, by Shi Fang http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2/z handou.mp3 17. Fear of the Blood, by Qi Heng http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2/x uezhikongju.mp3 18. The Shadow, by Wang YiFeng http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2/yi ng.mp3 In the Bamboo forest under the moon light, a sense of death is in the darkness. The weapons then break the air... 19. Story, by Sun Ye http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2/g ushi.mp3 The first part is about cavalries chasing a wagon, then the protagonist got hurt, and then he was saved by the artifact... 20. Way back home by Liu Nian http://download.midifan.com/demo/kongaudio2/g uitu.mp3 The protagonist going through the fantasy mainland and decided to return to fight for his hometown. ...to the next group of the entries.