KONGAUDIO/MIDIFAN 2013 CONTEST QIN Engine, enlivens the sound CHINEE ORCHESTRA All Rights Reserved, Copyright  ©  2012
Judge Panel:(in alphabetic order) 阿鯤音樂 阿鯤 中青寶游戲 李光夫 完美時空 劉婷婷 小旭音乐 卢小旭 金山游戏 李裕逵 网易雷火  孙曼 胜有声 杨杰 騰訊游戲 楊穎 大宇資訊 曾志豪 David Buckley(美国) Greg Schlaepfer(美国) Matthew Bowdler(英国) Zizics Fanta Laszlo(匈牙利)
Midifan KongAudio 2013 Game Music Contest 游戏音乐網 絡创作比赛 Deadline: Submission ends on September 15th. Qualifications: Open contest. Awards: The top 10 list will be announced. The top three winners get a box version of Chinee Orchestra each and a physical trophy.  No. 4 - No. 10 will be given  a coupon for 50% off discount for Chinee Orchestra. Rules: 1. Each contestant can submit one and only one piece of music in mp3 format. The music can not be longer than 10 minutes. Please send the mp3 to  kongaudio_contest@midifan.com,with your real name, address, contact phone and your short bio/resume (the bio/resume will not be made public). Our staff will confirm with you shortly to complete the submission process. 2.Contest Theme: Game music. Contestant must choose at least one(or more than one mixed together) to compose an original piece of music: A. combat/fighting scene B. ballad/serene scene C. thriller/intense scene 3. There must be at least one recognizable Chinese instrument in the music. (check here if you need one)  4. The music cannot be live recordings. 5. The contestant must submit the MIDI of the music and the list of the synth/libraries used in the music, along with a concise abstract of the inspiration of the music(no more than 500 words). 6. MIDIFAN will publish new entries each week on the
website. The judge panel will decide upon the winner, and the result will be published before 2013 October 15th. *The winners of the awards are not allowed to transfer, resell, rent, the awards to anyone else. *The contestant must hold the rights of the music and also agree that Kong Audio and MIDIFAN are allowed to use the submitted music for promotion of the event.
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