The Pipe of Tristesse.



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The Sound of Inconsolable Sadness

Characterized by the triste tone, GuanZi (literally means Pipe) is a one-of-a-kind double-reed instrument from China.

Originated in Central Asia, like many other existing Chinese instruments, GuanZi was embraced dearly and became an integral part of Chinese instruments ever since the great Tang Dynasty (7th -10th centuries).

GuanZi was once one of the standard instruments of court music. It was also used in military and festival events, as well as monumental, burial ceremonies. It is, sometimes, considered to be too distinctive to be a team instrument though, hence resulted its slightly being overlooked today.

Innovative Approach to the Pitch Envelopes

ChineeGuanzi is arguably the most expressive plugin in the whole Chinee Series so far, due to the innovative combination of pitch-envelopes with keyswitching in the patch programming, all of which blend seamlessly together with the priceless actual knowledge about the physical instrument itself.

Please note this is the only sampled-based product that we are aware of featuring such a huge focus on the pitch-envelopes to make an instrument as lively playable as possible. We'd be very interested in learing if there is any other similar product on the current market.

System requirements and specs:

dot 270 MB meticulously produced sample sets.
dotPowered by the all-new Windows native QIN engine.
Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7. 1GB RAM.
dot Works in VSTi compatible hosts (See the compatibility table below.)
dot ChineeGuanZi (in G) contains legato, tremolo, and various other playing techniques. The note range is from D4 to D6.
dot All samples are recorded in 24 bit 96 kHz.

Host Compatibility Table:

Host Windows 32 Windows 64 Version
Standalone YES YES  
Cubase/Nuendo YES YES Cubase 64-bit v5.53 and above
Sonar YES jbridge X86: v6.0 and above
Finale 2011 YES YES  
Overture YES YES  
FL Studio YES N/A  
Orion YES jbridge  
Vienna Pro YES jbridge  
Reaper YES YES  
Metro YES YES  
Renoise NO NO  
Music Maker MX NO NO  
Samplitude NO* NO*  
Ableton Live NO NO  
MixCraft 5 YES N/A  

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Extended Reading: Shan on the Making of GuanZi. (PDF)

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Musician: Liu Zhi Yong

Latest Version:

V 1.3 09/09



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