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Riveting Sound from the South of Clouds

HuluSi is a free-reed wind instrument of China made of bottle gourd. "Hulu" is the Chinese name for bottle gourd; "Si", silk, used here to describe the unrelenting characteristic of HuluSi's vibrating tail tone.

The history of Hulusi is not well documented other than that it may have been used by the ethnic minorities in the nowadays Yunnan (literally means "South of Clouds") province for a very, very long time, maybe as long as a thousand years. Yunnan is famous for its diversity of landscapes and ethnic groups, its culture flavour is rather different from other parts of China.

To-day, HuluSi is the most representative instrument of Yunnan, and in recent years it has been improved, spread and promoted both at the national and international levels, and received good recognitions.

HuluSi is especially known for its unrelenting, yet soft, moody tone.

About ChineeHuluSi

ChineeHuluSi contains the sampling of two HuluSi's: a big HuluSi and a small one: a Big HuluSi in G (note range: B3-E5), a Small HuluSi in C (note range: G4-A5), with various types of playing techniques woven within.

ChineeHuluSi also features Kong Audio's new Advanced Legato and improved keyswitching mechanism.

System requirements and specs:

dot 325 MB meticulously produced sample sets.
Powered by the all-new Windows native QIN engine.
Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7. 1GB RAM.
dotWorks in VSTi compatible hosts (See the compatibility table below.)
dot All samples are recorded in 1-bit/2.8 MHz

Host Compatibility Table:

Host Windows 32 Windows 64 Version
Standalone YES YES  
Cubase/Nuendo YES YES Cubase 64-bit v5.53 and above
Sonar YES jbridge X86: v6.0 and above
Finale 2011 YES YES  
Overture YES YES  
FL Studio YES N/A  
Orion YES jbridge  
Vienna Pro YES jbridge  
Reaper YES YES  
Metro YES YES  
Renoise NO NO  
Music Maker MX NO NO  
Samplitude NO* NO*  
Ableton Live NO NO  
MixCraft 5 YES N/A  

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