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Chinee Orchestra SE(Standard Edition) is the streamlined version of Chinee Orchestra FE(Full Edition), a sample-based VSTi for DAW. Chinee Orchestra SE contains 27 Chinese instruments and one set of Chinese percussion, extensively covering the most common instruments used for composing Chinese music, suitable for both professional and educational purposes. SE instrument list: Winds: Bangdi, BaWu, DongXiao, GuanZi, Hulusi(X2), NanXiao, Qudi, Sheng, SuoNa(X2), Xun. Plucked: GuQin, GuZheng, LiuQin, PiPa, Ruan(X2), SanXian. Stringed: BanHu, ErHu(X2), Gaohu, Jinghu, MaTouQin, Zhonghu. Percussion: YangQin, Chinese percussion set. Official Audio Demo:
CHINEE  ORCHESTRA  Standard Edition
Extensive collection of 27 Chinese instruments plus one Chinese percussion set. Flexible QIN RV 2.0 engine grants freedom of deep customization. Produced, recorded, programmed and arranged by the profess- ionals who live and breath with the actual instruments and civilization. Upgrade option to Full Edition available.
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SYSTEM REQUIREMENT: Windows (32/64 bit).4GB RAM. 1GB drive. 32/64 bit VST host sequencers compatible.
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What's the difference between Chinee Orchestra Standard Edition(SE) and the Full Edition(FE)? COFE contains 31 instruments and 86 percussion sets. COSE contains 27 instruments and 1 percussion set. COFE also contains more velocity layers, more expressions, and more detailed programming.
DEMO VERSION AVAILABLE: 1. Download and install QIN RV; 2. Download and install COSE. Must be installed in this order. Demo limitation: intermittent noise bursts.
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You can load multiple instruments as subsets. You can load multiple instances of SE in QIN RV. You can set up keyswitchs by yourself, and more!
Inspiring. Affordable. 27 Instruments Plus 1 Set of Percussion. Can Upgrade to Full Edition Later.  
*The most economical way to get Kong Audio Chinese instruments probably is getting COSE and Essential China By doing so you get a wide range of decent Chinese instruments and you also get the most detailed instruments that most likely to get heavily used. 
Complete demo project files for sequencers availble:  the best way to learn how to compose with Chinese instruments!