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   System requirements: Powered by brand-new QIN RV engine. Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7/8. 4GB RAM. 32/64 bit VST host sequencers compatible. Compatible with FXpansion RTAS Adapter
   2013 December Promo: The Big Winds Pack.
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For a limited time (till Jan 17th, 2014) you can have the Big Winds Pack (includes 8 types of instruments(17 in total): ChineeWinds, NanXiao, SuoNa, GuanZi, Sheng, HuLuSi, BaWu, Xun) with a special promo discount: instead of $338, it’s only $269(20% OFF) now!  Not only you get the most highly acclaimed ChineeWinds, you also get all sorts of the top-notch Chinese wind instruments. The best and most complete Chinese wind collection on the market. Don’t miss out!    ChineeWinds: Flutes Hors D'oeuvre (one of the flagship products of Kong Audio. Contains 8 different flutes, most importantly different DiZi’s.)    NanXiao: The Flute of Melancholy    SuoNa: The Stentorian Brass    GuanZi:The Pipe of Tristesse    Sheng: The Mouth Organ of Concord    HuLuSi:The Riveting Bottle Gourds    BaWu: The Free-Reed of China    Xun: Ancient Errie Orcarina
KONG AUDIO      FOR ONLY                  USD!!! Get the 269        Regular price 338 USD!   QIN RV engine Supports Windows VST 32/64-bit Winds NanXiao Suona Guanzi Sheng Hulusi Bawu         Xun Big Winds Pack till 2014.01.17
Get something different and inspiring for your music, nothing is better than the most distinguished Chineses flutes. A great way to dive in and explore and experience a new world of sound, genuinely made by the Chinese pros, for the Chinese pros.
¡§Ye gods, these instruments are expressive, and well worthy of our highest five-star rating!¡¨  -SOS on Chinee Orchestra.   5
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¡§Verdict: The most comprehensive and convincing sampled authentic Chinese instrument sounds in the world.¡¨  
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17 flutes in one go!
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