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CHINEE ORCHESTRA FE   Film Scores   Sound tracks    Inspiration    Live Perfomrance Complete set of classic Chinese  instruments for composers A Leap  in the East http://www.chineekong.com
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   What is Chinee Orchestra? the one and only genuine total solution for the Chinese music. Click for more.
“Ye gods, these instruments are expressive, and well worthy of our highest five-star rating!” 
5 All Rights Reserved, Copyright  ©  2012 CHINEE ORCHESTRA All Rights Reserved, Copyright  ©  2012 Powered by QIN Engine Parcel Arrived Cutting the seal unboxed! Inside of the box everything’s here...
UNBOXING CHINEE ORCHESTRA FE The bubble wrap inside the parcel protects the metal box from being damamged. The seal assures the content is intact. With the quick instruction guide, users can quick get everything running smoothly. The metal reflects the lighting beautifully.
What’s new in QIN RV engine 2.10: *New Legato Extender module. *Vastly revamped instruments for more nuance and expressiveness. *Various improvements and bug fixes.
In one sentence:  Chinee Orchestra is now more playable and more expressive than ever!
The installation PDF Guide comes in English, Chinese and Japanese.
   You can get the box version of Chinee Orchestra, instead of $690, it’s only $699+free shipping world-wide! Grab it now!    When you purchase, you get access to the download version as well.  
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Customers of the download version can optionally purchase the box version for collection. Contact Kong Audio for the purchase.
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